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Contrôle transcriptionnel de la morphogenèse des chordés

Description : We study the embryos of ascidians, a
group of small marine invertebrates some of which are seen as delicacies
in France and Japan (sea squirts, sea pineapples). We chose this group
of animals because the different species included in this group have
very different genomes, but develop in an almost identical manner, such
that homologous cells can be found across all embryos of a species, and
even between distantly related species!
To understand this apparent paradox, we
combine light-sheet imaging of live embryos, (epi)genome sequencing,
classical embryology and computer modelling. Our hope is that this work
will allow us to better understand the sometimes tortuous paths of
species evolution.
Address : CNRS - CRBM - UMR5237
1919, route de Mende
34293 - Montpellier Cedex 05
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Institute : Centre de Recherche de Biochimie Macromoléculaire (CRBM)


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